So about a week or two ago, I sat down on my computer and googled 'baby gender reveal party ideas, snacks, etc.' and after about 10 minutes of browsing I was like, "hmm.. I really just want tacos, chips, and salsa!" ha Hence, Fiesta by the Pool! I decided instead of making everything pink and blue to just make MY favorite foods and snacks! haha I made Seth's favorite corn and black bean dip, which everyone couldn't get enough of (recipe at the bottom of post), fruit dip, protein balls, fruit pizza cookies, and puppy chow. It was a perfect "mexican" fiesta for our little babe to be! 

(All pics are IPhone- sorry!)

^^ I was so nervous carrying the pinata around that day because I kept thinking I was going to drop it or knock it over and some pink or blue would spill out! ^^

^^ So happy all my family got to come from KC. Our cheesy photo, but I love it! ^^

^^ This chick loves chips, salsa, and guac. It's so crazy to me that my baby can eat those foods already! ^^

^^ My beautiful sis and brother ^^

^^ Princess head is still getting used to the water but she loves playing on the steps where she can touch and pour the water into her cups. ^^

^^ <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ^^

^^ Getting ready to pull the strings!! EKK. We facetimed Seth's family in because they were with some friends in Dallas! ^^

^^ IT'S A BOY!!! ^^

Seth and I were SO SHOCKED BUT UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED! We both fully expected to see pink streamers coming down out of our little donkey because this pregnancy has been almost identical for me as when I had Haddie. I mean, I asked the guy at Party City getting the pinata down to grab the one with the most pink!! haha

I can't wait to be a boy mom but I am also now trying to wrap my head around it! I have gotten so used to Haddie and buying everything pink, playing dishes, kitchen, purses, and baby that it is going to be so fun to do a 180 with trucks, cars, and trains. I'm now going to start looking at boy rooms and find ideas for that as well! Big mind set change but I couldn't be more excited to see how God uses this little guy to change our family! And I especially can't wait to watch Haddie be a big sister! She has no idea whats coming! ha

xo, Ash



2 cans shoepeg corn – drained

1 can black beans – drained

1 package reduced fat Feta Cheese crumbled

1 bunch (3-5) green onions chopped

Handful of cilantro- to taste


Mix above ingredients in a bowl.


Add Dressing:

¼ cup of sugar

¼ cup of olive oil

¼ cup of red wine vinegar


Mix everything together and Enjoy!!  YUM!