Here are pictures from our trip to the North Coast and from our time in Belfast, Ireland. Our first week was so incredible and I cannot wait for this next week as we head to Italy!

Traveling to the Carrick-a-rede bridge! It was the most stunning view! Haddie liked it too! 

Sheep on one side roaming in the grass and the cliffs and oceans on the other. 

Love this little family of mine!! 


80 foot high bridge

Walking to Giants Causeway, one of the 8th wonders of the world. No one knows how all these hexagonal stones got placed in this area. We got there right as the rain started streaming in.

lovie <3

This is Saul's church, the location of the first church in Ireland, led by St. Patrick. 

On Saturday we went to St. George's Market. It is a really fun spot with lots of vendors of any thing you can imagine! I had the best cherry scone made out of the traditional Irish soda bread!! YUM! There was live music and we had a so much fun walking around!

xo, Ash