So today I am going to post about our first 2-3 days here in Ireland so far! Hope you enjoy!

(These are all from my IPhone but I thought they would be fun to share!)

On the plane! We took off from St. Louis to Newark, NJ which was about a 2 hour flight. Haddie did so awesome, as it was her first flight, and just played on my lap, read a book, and held her favorite toys (her toothbrush, her pen, my lipgloss, and a clif bar wrapper). I was a little worried to see how she would do, (like if her ears would hurt or anything) but she didn't act any different in the air than when on ground so that put me at ease! The flight from Newark to Dublin, Ireland was 7 hours and we took off at 7:00pm. Haddie normally goes to bed at 7, so by 7:30 she was conked out and only woke up once to get a bottle! It was perfect timing to fly and if we ever have a long flight again I will try to plan it like that! She woke up in Dublin, and so getting her used to the jet lag has been the only hard part about traveling with her since it was 7am when we landed. 

So, this is the manor!! We are staying in Belfast, all 32 of us, and it is such a neat old house! It is homey inside yet very cold! We have a space heater in like every room!

My love <3

We took the bus into the City Center the first day we got there to get the kids used to the bus system. It's super easy to use and it was fun taking Haddie out. 

This little munchkin cutie on the way to church Sunday!! 

This was Monday- our first full day traveling and exploring Armagh, in Northern Ireland. This land was spiritual to the pagans before St. Patrick came and evangelized to the country. It is beautiful, green rolling hills. 

Lauren Poey and I! One of my friends, who I am SO happy is on this trip with us and our group!

The little muffin smiling at everyone on the street while Mom and Dad ate some fish and chips!

In front of the oldest church in Ireland, built in 440AD, after St. Patrick came.

SO SUPER WINDY!!! We felt like we were going to constantly blow over all day! 

Our CREW! Love these guys!

This NEVER happens... I don't think she has fallen alseep on my lap since she was like 2-3 months old. I have always made her fall asleep in her car seat or crib, and so she is not one to miss any action when in anyones lap! But, she was so tired! I love this little Princess. 


Hope you enjoyed these! We are having a blast!! 

xo, Ash