WARNING: Long and random post...

I know that the UPS guy that delivers to our apartment thinks I am crazy! For the past 3 months, I have been on the biggest OVER THE KNEE boot hunt of my life...

I 'm struggling....

I LOVE OTK boots and have since high school. I wore these brown, flat, suede slouchy OTK boots by Jessica Simpson as a freshmen in college and was obsessed with them, and then about 4 years ago I got some flat black leather Dolce Vita's that fit great and gave me the look I wanted, but they have seen their day and had to go this year. Last year I bought these high heeled black Steve Madden's because they were a great dupe for the Highland Stuart Weitzmans (which I have been in love with FOREVER, but are $$$). But, I am now in need again of a great lower heel (flat - 2 inches) OTK boot that I can wear everyday with jeans, leggings, skirts, and dresses. 

The real problem comes down to this-- I want the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands (pictured in the bottom of this post) BUT they cost my life. Every flat OTK boot I try on/ see online I compare to that boot. I have ordered/tried on ALL of the boots listed below -- yes, I know. lol I AM CRAZY. Seth said as long as I only picked ONE I could try them on to make sure I get the pair I want... I told you the UPS guy thinks I am a wack. ha

So- here below I am sharing what I liked and didn't like about each boot because I thought someone may benefit from all my pain and trouble. I want a good neutral colored suede boot that fits close to my leg and works with my style! I love heel boots, but know I am going to want something lower for baby 2 and Haddie running around! So read on if your interested! xo

(**Also, I wasn't planning on doing a post like this so all the mirror pics are so random from the past 3 months, but I thought you would be able to tell what they looked like more on my body) :) 

DV for Target - Marilyn - $49.99

When I first saw these boots, I thought, "YES, this is them... my last boots I loved were Dolce VIta, and these are only $49.99! Score... " Then I ran into Target to try them on and wasn't as impressed. Although they were a great deal, for what I personally want them for (an everyday boot and soon to be mom of 2), they were too high and not the highest quality. If you want to try the OTK boot trend, and plan on wearing them out with friends, to dinner with your hubs, or shopping on a Saturday - these would be great, cute, and trendy!

The Luci actually surprised me. I ordered them because of the price but didn't expect to like them as much as I did. I think they actually mimic the SW boots a lot from the front but then don't have the cute tie in the back which was one of the things I was looking for. I did like how close the suede came around my ankle and calf, but the suede did seem much thinner than the SW. Overall, a great boot for the price! 

These were the best SW lowland dupe I could find. The suede fits close to the leg, they cut straight across the thigh, and also have the tie on the back. They also seemed very comfortable to my foot!

First off, the coloring is more grey than tan in real person, which I don't hate but it wasn't what I was expecting. These boots are much cuter on the body than in the picture online. The heel hight was alright for me everyday but the boot itself didn't seem super comfortable. I don't know if it was the coloring of the suede that threw me off, but I didn't think they looked very quality, even though I liked the shape of the boot, the cut on the leg, and the tie in the back.

This boot totally shocked me when I put it on! At first I didn't know if the heel was too funky for everyday, but then it grew on me when I put it on... but then when I noticed how HIGH it went on my thigh, I had to return them. I think it is a really sassy and fun boot, but definitely not an everyday boot for my style. It would be a great boot for going out and it was pretty comfortable. 

Dolce Vita - Sparrow - $199.95

Same thing as the Jeffrey Campbell bootie above -- I didn't realize how high it was going to come on the thigh. This boot was literally perfect on the heel height, almond toe shape, suede fabric, and tightness to leg, but it killed me when I saw how far it went up my leg again! I'm only 5'2" and just couldn't handle it being so high on my leg everyday. Super bummer they didn't make this a little shorter.

These are the boots I was expecting to like the most. I ordered them in the dark grey suede and the suede seemed to kind of give off a velvet vibe in this color. I think I would prefer to have them in black. Although they were very comfortable, the reason I returned them was because of the bunching around my ankles and also the curved top on the thigh. It's more of a preference for me but I really like the straight across look on myself personally. 

Ahhhhhhh... the Lowland. Literally it must be made from unicorns fur or something because I don't know why it has to cost so much! lol The ONLY reason I have these boots on my foot was because I got them in the Shopbop Sale recently and decided I would see if they were really all they are cracked up to be, or if they just felt and fit like every other boot. My goal was to prove to myself that the boot that I had been comparing to all other boots didn't even feel or fit that great, and that they went way too high up my leg too so I should just forget it... But No. Designer Stuart Weitzman knows what he is doing and I literally wanted to stay in them all day... They are SO comfortable and if your budget can handle it or if you get a REALLY generous Christmas or Birthday gift, or win the lottery.... get these boots. YOU won't regret it.



So-- after the longest post ever.. (if you even read any of this lol).. which boot did I decide to keep? 

Great Question.

I don't know. Texas has still been so hot that I haven't had to make my decision QUITE yet, but I CAN tell you that I still have the Ivanka Trump Larell & the Stuart Weitzman in my possession. Even though the Larell looks very similar to the Lowland, I LOVE the grey coloring of the SW and also them in the walnut and toffee, and I am deciding whether to put my Christmas money towards them this year (since no other clothes seem appealing at the moment with baby 2!) The coloring and the quality of the suede is amazing and will last for years. I'm sure you will all know soon enough! SO, super random post but I AM blaming all this indecisiveness on being pregnant!

xo, ash