Wife, mom, and lover of fashion. Feminine. Chic. Relaxed yet tailored. Bright lips and a joyful heart.


Blogging out of Ft. Worth, married to the love of my life and a stay at home mom of two – fashion is one of my passions and something I love to do in my spare time at night! Once the work day is done, I love to get on the couch, read my other favorite bloggers blogs, online browse, and digest. It’s my “me” time once my sweet little kiddos are asleep!

Personally, these past couple of years have been a whirlwind of change. Moving states, adding babies, and becoming a stay at home mom all make the list! But through all the change there have been a few constants. First, my love for Jesus. I have been walking by His side for years now and love to daily see where He leads me. And second my love for fashion. I have loved styling myself as a new wife, pregnant mama to be, and now as a mom of two (Haddie & Louie). While my style needs are ever changing, I feel I stay true to daily dressing feminine, chic, and girly. I love a relaxed yet tailored look and most days you will see me styling denim. I can’t get enough of it! Having classic pieces in my wardrobe to continually make new is what I strive to do!

One of my favorite things about fashion is when you LOVE your outfit. You look in the mirror and you just feel good about yourself and what you put together. It can make your whole day. I love it when my mom and I go shopping and I make her try something on and she is like, “I’m so glad I tried this on, I never would of tried this on!” Or when I’m shopping with my friends and they get a new lipstick shade they love. Or better yet, I see a friend and she's wearing a necklace I had posted about! Well, that’s what I hope to accomplish with my blog! I hope you see new trends and styles that you want to try, and see some sales that you won’t miss, so that I can help you look and feel your best everyday!

Girl About Town is also a place for me to talk “adult” life. Am I the only one who talks to a toddler all day long? Lol (Actually she talks to me all day long!) I love to share parts of my life with you throughout the week as I am still transitioning to being a mom of two and more importantly a wife. This blog is for me to share my thoughts and tips of how I operate daily in life, fashion, motherhood, relationships, and just trying to juggle it all!

Although my heel height has gotten shorter and shorter as life moves on, my smile and joy are ever more increasing with where life continues to take me. I hope that when you stop by you feel inspired to try a new lipstick, a new style of denim, or feel encouraged to tackle the rest of the day and be the woman God made you to be! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you continue to connect with me! 


xo, ash

                       Haddie Louise as a little baby girl!!                                                  James Louis, born December 10, 2016

AHH! Just love my little girl SO much!! She's growing up SO fast!!

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